Springview Farm
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About Us
Springview Farm Inc. was started in the early 1950's as a tobacco farm. Now in the third generation the tobacco farm was turned into an 18 hole golf course after over 50 years of farming. The course was designed by Tracey & Leigh Boerkamp with the help of Shelley, Arielle, Chloe, and Anthony Boerkamp.

Contstruction started in 2004 by the Boerkamp Family with help from friends and family. We started playing in the fall of 2005 and opened our doors to the public July 2006. At this time we began contsruction of the "Strip Room" in the barn while using the wood shop as our first Pro-Shop. The "Strip Room" was transformed into our Clubhouse by the 2007 season.

First golf cart delivery & Boerkamp Family '05
Harvest 2004 & now a clubhouse
Springview Farm
                       Golf Course
Celebrating 10 Years !
657 Culver Road, Waterford, Ontario, Canada   N0E 1Y0   |   519.443.0589